Women Who Empower Other Women in the Fitness Industry

Hey Gorgeous!

This self-love series post is for the women empowering other women to love themselves.  These women have, at a given moment in my fitness career, inspired me, helped me grow, or shared a piece of their journey in complete transparency that has inspired me to do the same.   There is something incredibly honorable about being transparent in the fitness industry.  This industry is built on how you look on the outside. These women are focusing on how they FEEL on the inside.   

These women come from various aspects of the fitness industry including IFBB, NPC, corporate fitness centers, personal trainers, coaches, and motherhood.  From California to New York, these seven beautiful souls are doing the work every day to be the best, authentic version of themselves in the competitive world of fitness and to inspire women around the globe. #womenempowerotherwomen.

PicsArt_10-07-09.30.11Part of this #selfloveseries  is to honor those that are doing the work, every day, to love themselves, and to help others see how truly remarkable and beautiful they are.  So Go Ahead, Click Follow, and spread inspiration.

Samantha @ Sassandsincerity 


Kelly @Confessionsofameathead

www,confessionsofameathead.com Screenshot_20171007-211702.png

Ashlee @xoashleenicole


IFBB Pro Karlee @Fit_Karleej 


Kim @ KimFrench


Alicia @Alicia.joness


Juliea @Juliealedbetter


I found this beautiful quote from poet Rudy Fransisco:


we should love ourselves

so fiercely

that when others see us

they know exactly

how it should be done.”

What a powerful statement.  What if, for just one day, you treated yourself like you would your best friend. You gave your body the rest it needs, the water it needs, the movement it needs, and most importantly, the positive affirmations and love it needs.  What if you supported your self and loved yourself so fiercely.  What if you loved yourself like Kanye loves Kanye.  Go love yourself fiercely, and in turn empower someone else to do so. Empower someone today. 

Want to NOMINATE a Woman who is empowering other Women?  Drop me a line and I will feature them on my next Women Who Empower Women post.  You can also contact me on instagram: amandajean234


Want to have some more self-love in your life? Here are some of my top self-love books.

1) You are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero

2) The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

3) Find Your Happy by Shannon Kaiser

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2 thoughts on “Women Who Empower Other Women in the Fitness Industry

  1. I love hearing about women empowering and supporting other women. So often you hear about jealousy and cattiness so it’s great to see other women boosting each other instead of stepping over one another. Great post!


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