Bikini Booty Circut Work Out

Hey Babe Tribe!

Four Bikini Babes are better than one!  We had an awesome time with this workout. The entire circuit for us took about an hour and fifteen minutes, plus an additional 10 minutes of trying to get our selfie pose game on point.   Follow each of these babes on instagram at @megwilso9 @gijanee_ and @linycici24.   Check out our coach @teamelitephysique or  Give this awesome circuit a try and let us all know how you like it! 


Accessories we used for this work out is list below!  Click on Image for more info! 

Versa Grips – My favorite grips

Sling Shot Band – MUST have for banded walks, it is AMAZING and a game changer for glute bridges too! 

Squat Sponge – Best $20 you will spend, the thurst is a MUST! 

Weight Belt – For those HEAVY lifting days 

Best Accessory: Friendship 
image (17)

For AWESOME science and next level bodybuilding information, bikini competitor information, and weight loss check out our coach @teamelitephysique or  Team Elite specializes in ALL things from competition to weight Loss and lifestyle and is always following up with scientific and personalized approaches to health and wellness. visit for more!



12 thoughts on “Bikini Booty Circut Work Out

  1. Nice job ladies. I love the selfies. I’ve thought about signing up for a bikini competition, but I’m reluctant to go it alone. It’s nice you have buddies to workout with.


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