A Holiday Gift Guide For Your Fitness Addict

Can you believe it? 2017 is wrapping up and the holidays are just around the corner! If you are fitness addict like me… B0LmkwgIIAAD6QG

you have mostly gym rat gear on your Holiday wish list.  I put together this holiday guide for all the essentials you need to kick off 2018 with a healthy bang! All the photos are linked to Amazon, or the appropriate site.  Is there something on your list I missed?  Comment below! Something you like? Share with your family as your go-to Holiday wish list.

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For Meal Prep Made Easy

  1. Pressure Cooker- From rice, to chicken, to roast, to eggs you can do it all! On sale on Amazon for Black Friday! My best friend Courtney said she can cook some MEAN eggs with this baby!

2. Knives (really good knives)- Nothing bites the dust like a dull knife and raw chicken. Ew.

3. Spiralizer- If you have not used one of these yet, it is great for making your own zucchini noodles or zoodles.

4. Cast Iron Skillet- Anyone have fish the last two weeks

5. Food Storage Containers- Meal prep anyone?

6. Food Scale- I love this one because it can hold up to 5lbs and the display pops out if you have a large plate.

7. Storage Funnels- These are perfect for traveling or packing any powder to go.

8. Donut Mold (seriously though,  protein donuts anyone?)

Gym Rat Accessories

9. Squat Sponge- if you want to be a bit more comfortable with hip thrusting over 2oolbs a squat sponge is a must.

10. Versa Grips- Yes they are absolutely worth it

11. MB Sing Shot- great for activating the glutes, banded walks,  or over the thighs during glute bridges.

12. Cleansing Wipes- before, during and after a workout, I love the smell of these coconut wipes from Sephora!


13, Amazon Gift Card- For all the supplements!

14. One Bars- I have these on my meal plan currently.  One bars are a great alternative to hit the sweet spot.

15. China Gel- Absolutely amazing! I first used this when they sold it at Core Power Yoga, and have not turned back since! It is perfect for sore muscles

16. Speaking of Sore Muscles, Elite Roller Stick- Perfect for sore muscles.


17. Feed the Booty Tank- From Atlas Nutrition- Shop local FOCO!


18. Lululemon All the Right Places


19. Gym Shark Flex Leggings


20. Adidas Neo Tennis Shoes- They are like wearing socks.

21. Qalo Wedding Bands- we have had ours for a few years now and they have held up great.

22. Lululemon Run with Me Ear Warmers- Perfect for taking your fitness outside.


23. Flip Belt- great for outdoor running, or walking, or carrying your phone around the gym. All the things.

24. Lululemon Scuba Hoodie- lightweight and perfect for in and out of the gym.

25. Jams- It is a toss up for some people, Bose vs Beats by Dre, Over-ear vs Earbud, good headphones are essential for something you are using every day. Bose is having a great BLACK FRIDAY SALE! on Amazon and in stores at Best Buy!

Am I missing something?  Shoot me in the comments?  I am not sponsored by any of these particular companies. I am an Amazon affiliate.


Coming Soon!

Next Week #OTB is all about MOM!!!!!!!!!  She’s going to weigh in on her weight loss, how she beat the big C (Cancer) and how she dropped 50lbs this year without stepping foot in a gym.



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