Flexible Dieter’s Cheat Sheet

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Flexible Diet “Fast” Foods 🥑🍕🍟🌯

No scale or meal prep done? Don’t let that stop you. Order these macro friendly foods while you’re out & continue on GUILT FREE.

Most medium or large chain places will have their menu’s ONLINE. When I plan on going out, I search the menu and find out what I want to eat beforehand. Then, I am prepared and can plan out the rest of my meals.

Remember, most of these are very modifiable so feel free to experiment a little and don’t stress about it. I will continue adding to the list, and would love to get recommendations if you have something you’d like me to add.



• Americano w/ sugar free mocha & soy

• Almond milk latte w/ sugar free flavor

• Soy latte w/ sugar free flavor

• Light caramel frappe w/out whip

• Light coffee frappe w/out whip…

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