Mondays with Mom: Surviving the Holidays


Holidays can be “character building” time for any dieter or person who is embracing a new lifestyle change.  Let’s first break down that holiday is ONE DAY, not Holi-weeks, or Holimonths… it is holiDAY.  One day will not derail ALL of your progress and efforts, so enjoy the memories you are making, but be sensible.  Mom and I got together this week to bring you a few tips and tricks we have used to get through the holiday season. 



Office Survival 


Cookies, Cakes, Crackers OH MY! What are the biggest tips for not having Food FOMO (fear of missing out) during the holiday festivities at work.

Ask yourself is it worth it?   While sauntering in the lunch room you might ask yourself does that buttery, gooey, creamy fudge sitting there taste like you remember?  Does it remind you of your childhood and baking with Nana?  Often times it is the emotional tie to a food, not the actual flavor or nutritional value, that makes it so appealing. Take a minute to pause and savor the memory, not the taste.

Head for the meat, cheese, and veggies.  You can still participate by CHOOSING healthy options.  Don’t think there will be a veggie tray? Bring one. Always take something you can eat.   Moms favorite dish to make is pinwheels low carb tortilla roll-ups stuffed with cream cheese, sliced turkey, and a few olives.

Homemade VS. Store bought. 

I have a simple rule of thumb, if the item at the office party is store bought, pass. if the item is homemade, think twice, or maybe three times.  For instance, my girlfriend Tiffony (yes Tiffony, not a typo) makes the most amazing desserts.  She has a real gift.  However,  I only choose to have ONE bite of her delicious homemade cheesecake.  One bite will not derail weeks of progress, just like one carrot won’t make you healthier.




Party Time

Eggnog has a whopping 343 calories per cup ( There are plenty of other options for holiday spirits.  Flavored sparkling water has no calories and you can easily add spirits to a La Croux for a less calorie bomb option.

Parties are for socializing rather than eating.  You can choose to focus filling up your memories rather than your plate. If a year from now you won’t remember how that cookie tastes, it is okay to pass.


Tips, Tricks and dealing with “Richards”

Eat ahead of time.  Have a meal that emphasizes protein and vegetables before you attend any holiday event.  Skipping breakfast will only make you more ravenous by dinner time. Eat sensibly throughout the day and drink plenty of water.

Keep moving.   Not only will movement and exercise help your waist, but it will help your brain too.  Movement




  • Increases Secondary Dendrite Growth

  • Assists in building the myelin sheath

  • Increases BDNF (MIRACLE GROW for the brain)

  • Improves the brain’s ability to respond to challenges

  • Improves Corpus Callosum ability to connect two hemispheres

  • Increases the ability to FOCUS

  • Increases the brain’s ability to integrate learning

  • Releases neurotransmitters that clear cortisol and can make you happy


Choose kindness.  


The holidays can be very hard for some people.  You never know who is fighting a hard battle.  Be kind to each other and be kind to yourself.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Amanda Jean and Mama Terri



Current Favorite Holiday Protein Treat: Cinnamon Spice Oats with Vanilla Ice Cream Level 1 Protein.  I love level 1 because it is quality made and perfect for my mid-morning oats. I get a taste of holiday sweet without derailing my progress.

1 scoop level 1

1/2 cup oats dry

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp ginger spice


1 tsp nutmeg

hot water

mix it all together and enjoy!  If you chose to support 1st Phorm you can find level 1 HERE








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